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It is a gift to us.

It is said to be the heaven on earth. Hollywood is one of the interesting site s in my dream list. With snow-clad mountains, tall-trees of Chinar, lush green plains and valleys, Kashmir is one of the most bewitching places on earth.

Indeed, the beauty of Kashmir is enchanting. There are so many nice places on the earth. Situated at a height of 15, ft. Apart from having great scenic attraction, these places are good health resorts.

The Tattapani or the Sulphur lake water is believed to cure different types of skin diseases.

A Place I Would Like to Visit

Besides, there are shrines of historical and religious interest. Wild strawberries are grown all over the Kashmir. It is widely famous for its rich flora and fauna.

So the industries are based on this.

A Place You Would Like to Visit or to Live in

They are Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Pahalgam and Khilanmarg. Hollywood seems to be the best place to satisfy my interests in making films. Secondly, Coimbatore is a place with black soil on earth; cotton grows well in this soil.

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There are over 63 colleges and universities in and around Coimbatore. Some rare species of wild animals are found in the high altitude of Kashmir.

Kashmir is the home of deities and bounties. It is famous for textiles and textile machineries, so it is called the Manchester of South India.There are a lot of wonderful places I’d like to visit.

However, most of all I would really like to visit Korea which I have a great deal of reasons to do: to visit beautiful places, meet famous singers and to feel, enjoy the colourful life and the crowded streets and enjoy a relaxing coffee aroma and refreshing air at a great place to enjoy and release our stress for teenagers like me in one.

Beijing provides a wide range of modern and ancient places for family trips including the Beijing Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Beijing Olympic Stadium, and Hou Hai Bar Street. (“Beijing Travel Guide”) If you want to learn about the Chinese history, come to visit Chinese ancient buildings first.

Top Places to Visit in Essay, France: See TripAdvisor's traveller reviews and photos of Essay attractions. Essay on The Destination I Would Like to Visit My dream place of visit would be the Malaysian islands which are located at the Indian Ocean. The Malaysian islands give a good view of the ocean and the breeze that flows around the beaches are refreshing and relaxing.

A Place I Would Like to Visit “Hollywood” There are a lot of wonderful places I wish to visit. One of the places where I would like to visit is Hollywood.

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I always wanted to see how the films are made, meet famous actors and actresses and just have a good time. Descriptive Essay: My Mystical Place - For a half hour, every school day, for a few months, I was really happy. A friend and I would go to the drainpipe, and we would sit, talk, eat our lunches, and listen to .

A great place to visit essay
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