City of the beasts

The plots of all three in the series were very interesting and could have been a lot of fun, but the writing was often awkward and forced, especially the magical bits.

Jun 07, Megan rated it liked it Some good stories. Beginning[ edit ] City of the Beasts begins with the story of Alexander Cold, who is 15 years old and going through a family crisis.

Feb 20, Charlane Brady rated it really liked it Wild, vivid short stories about animals. More of a 3. Upon returning to the village, they discover that it has been taken over by the Expedition, Carias, and Ariosto.

I was City of the beasts disappointed with this little series from Allende.

After enough initial obstacles have been overcome, the expedition sets out up the Amazon, encountering wild beasts and wild Indians along the way, until the two children become separat ed and have an amazing adventure, learning what the adults are not worthy to know.

Other things are harder to blame on the translator. Alex hates the food available and spends a great deal of his time hungry.

City of the Beasts Summary and Study Guide

Besides the failures of logic and characterization, Ms. Nadia informs Alex that the jaguar is his animal totem and represents his true nature.

The stories themselves see the worlds of animals and their human counterparts collide, each truths and possible truths. Overall, it was fanciful, entertaining, and at times actually suspenseful.

City of the Beasts

Ad I adore Mark Kurlansky but this book just did not do it for me. Alex and Nadia are welcomed by the other members of the tribe and become symbolic members, learning of their true identities as Jaguar and Eagle and beginning to embrace their inner strength. We are repeatedly reminded that Alex is not eating.

Mar 15, Vickie rated it it was amazing I wish I could give this book more than 5 stars! More generally, except for Kate, Alex, and Nadia, all the significant white expedition members are either villains or dupes--and even Kate is a bit of a dupe.

It gets tiresome very fast. Soon, they pack off to go to the Amazon with a professor and some photographers. I enjoyed it very much. The trip up the Amazon is boring. They travel farther into the forest and arrive at a waterfall which they must climb to reach Eye of the World, the village of the People of the Mist.

Nadia negotiates with Chief Iyomi to convince the tribe to accept vaccinations from Dr. Instead of a serious study of the history of how animals got urbanized, it is a collection of wonderful short stories in which the animals play a pivotal role. After they reach the top, Alex is sent back down again to rescue their chief, Mokarita, who had fallen and been mortally wounded.

These Beasts are considered gods by the People of the Mist. The narrative opens with Alex at home in California, angry and frightened over the illness of his mother, who is undergoing cancer treatment.

He is greatly saddened by the loss of his precious flute, but Kate gives him the flute belonging to his grandfather, Joseph Cold.

The city is located inside of an inactive volcano, and the only entrance is a confusing labyrinth of lava tunnels and caves. Firstly, he turns into a jaguar, his totem; secondly, he receives a vision of his mom on her hospital bed and he talks briefly with her. The tribe decides to move to a new village within the Eye of the World, in order to forget the conflict in their previous village, and the outsiders depart with promises to protect the tribe from future interference.First English edition © ©Isabel Allende • All rights reserved.

City of the Beasts, was really descriptive and detailed, however, there were too many characters and at some points it was just too imaginary.

This book was filled with detail.

City Beasts: Fourteen Stories of Uninvited Wildlife

I could envision every scene, like the Amazon rainforest, even though I 4/5(65). Buy a cheap copy of City of the Beasts book by Isabel Allende. Fifteen-year-old Alexander Cold is about to join his fearless grandmother on the trip of a lifetime.

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Fifteen-year-old Alexander Cold is about to join his fearless grandmother on the trip of a lifetime. An International Geographic expedition is headed to the dangerous, remote wilds of South America, on a mission to document the legendary Yeti of the Amazon known as the Beast.

But there are many secrets hidden in the unexplored wilderness, as Alex /5(27).

City of the Beasts Summary & Study Guide

City of the Beasts by Isabel Allende HarperCollins,ISBN X A book review by Elisabeth Carey. Alexander Cold, a fifteen-year-old California boy, is sent to stay with his grandmother in New York while his mother is being treated for cancer.

City of the beasts
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