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All in all, facebook as a successful business tool is getting more and more popular while we are hoping to see its improvement for business in social media environment. Remember to have your company website link and the introduction about your business on your profile page upload photos of your products or something relevant to your business update the statuses frequently: Here are some tips for people who want to create their business on facebook: Be active and interactive with updating status and involved in discussion be creative and innovative Filed under Conclusion Tagged with ConclusionFacebookSummary Search for: This is the first step to give facebook users the first impression about who you are.

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June 11, Leave a comment Conclusion Facebook is like a big happy online jamboree tales, we are all drawing our pictures on this big stage. But at the same time, Facebook also has been through its shortages and risks, such as its privacy problem, unstable social information for some high-requirement level business issues.

This is another case where having a pre-existing social network is a huge advantage. By comparison, phone and email business is expensive and cumbersome.

This may include only teenagers or people who may use the site irresponsibly. Although the social networking site includes some negative effects, it is still worth using.

Many users are able to use the site responsibly by not posting too much information and not spending too much time on Facebook. Works Cited Conclusion The number of negative effects on Facebook is countless and each effect can lead to even more negative effects.

Although it may seem clear that using Facebook does come with negative effects, many people deny that there are negative effects associated with the site.

Some users who are aware of the many negative effects on the social networking site believe that only some users are affected. As a business technology, facebook is successful. Using Facebook definitely comes with negative effects, but not everyone who uses the site is affected.

The site helps people stay connected to friends and family and share important or exciting news to a large group of people. Because facebook has its fan page and group page which is efficient and economical. In an interview, Southall said Facebook should find a way to monitor the amount of time a user spends on Facebook each time in order to prevent addiction.The Conclusion.

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unleashing minds and expanding thoughts:) In the search of truth. Conclusion Wines.

likes · 3 talking about this. We've always been in love with the romance of Napa Valley and wanted to bring a piece of that romance. May 09,  · We have discussed the positives and negatives of Facebook and I would just like to give a big thank you to atowel10 and meek88 for participating in the discussions and making some great points.

There is no simply way to determine if Facebook is. The number of negative effects on Facebook is countless and each effect can lead to even more negative effects.

Addiction can lead to the lack of productive activities; privacy can lead to an employer choosing not to higher a job candidate; bullying can lead to depression and low self-esteem. Investigación realizada sobre facebook y las consecuencias en la sociedad actual. Social Media Study by People from Cossette This is PART 2 of a summary report for a study into social media behaviour by Canadian advertising agency Peopl.

Conclusion about facebook
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