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2018 Fish Farming Business Plan/Feasibility Study In Nigeria PDF

Ponds not compacted properly, leak a lot, may be too shallow, and consequently construction and maintenance costs become too high while optimum yields are not achieved, Poor accessibility to ponds, requiring workers to walk across difficult terrain to transfer fish from pond to vehicle or vice-versa.

You need to purchase fingerlings and juveniles for your fish pond. State of art pond framework accommodating optimum number of cat fish with lessened possible hazards. If one intends to increase production and profit margins from producing eggs, then it is well known that the best way would be to feed the layers with quality layers mash and not growers mash.

To hide the liner dig a trench, 30mm deep and one spades width wide. They do not make an effective large pond as they are prone to becoming brittle and therefore are not long lasting. The kinds of product you will need to minimize input in other to maximize output, and how much returns you will get at the end of each accounting year until your business break-even on its initial investment capital.

Water supply This is another important choice when considering the location of a potential pond, where will the water come from? Furthermore, fish are cold-blooded animals. It has been known for some ponds to have another layer of geotextile matting on top and below the liner.

Unlike poultry farming, you can setup fish farm anywhere, including residential areas. Not only that we are interested in meeting the demands of the customer, we also plan to create utmost satisfaction for these customers. Contact potential buyers and find out their requests and desires.

A secondary school on the other hand would require far greater use from a pond. Discuss the details of your fishery products about 2 months before the deal. I decided to create this post because it will go a long way to assist people in starting their fish farming in Nigeria and also featuring all they need to know before venturing into the business.

The pond should have maximized area available to shallow areas less than 10cm deep. Investment in this business shall be allocated to the following purposes: The net income is therefore largely a function of turnover. The Rectangle A rectangular pond is the easiest to dig and provides nice neat sides that are easily paved.

Over a million jobs can be created in the fish industry alone. Why should you choose to start a fish farm? You need to apply good management skill and follow the acceptable standard. However smaller ponds have proved equally successful attracting newts and invertebrates.

What is the pond for? If you had a sow that ate all its piglets and grew nice and fat; would you be happy? The best place to start digging the pond is from the centre out. Water supply This is another important choice when considering the location of a potential pond, where will the water come from?

Fish Farming is Profitable Fish farming is very profitable. You can also construct a concrete pond, use a plastic tank, or a drum pond. The pond needs 5 or more hours of sun light per day to stay healthy.

This would provide security against children gaining access to the pond when not in use or unsupervised.

Business plan for fish farming in Nigeria

If a second layer of matting is to be used to protect the liner it is to be placed at this stage, that way it can mould to the shape along with the liner. It is very clear that the demand is far higher than supply.

If adding soil to provide a substrate for planting the substrate must not be top soil, sieve the soil to remove all sharp objects and stones.

How To Start A Profitable Fish Farming Business In Nigeria

These areas will be submerged again during the winter months. To be able to explore micro-habitats, food webs and other abiotic factors a substantially larger pond is required.

Cost of Labor — This is very vital, you must know the cost of labor, the cost of labor vary, it is not a static thing and this labor is construction of pond and the type of pond you want to construct.

Fish Sells Quick Fish sells faster than any other animal products in the market and is relatively cheaper than meats, making it the number one choice when it comes to affordability. The first is seasonal fluctuations in water levels, during the summer most streams and ditches dry up.

The same applies in fish farming.


Land Look for a plot of land that satisfies your needs and buy or rent it. This can be achieved by using plastic sheets over the areas of clay already laid. Step 5 Sort the fish to create better conditions for life and gloving.

An aquatic ecosystem is extremely dynamic, changing with nutrient inputs, weather and season.Business Description of Fish Farming, Processing And Marketing Business Plan In Nigeria Patiladwonder Solutions International is involved in Catfish farming, Processing, Packaging and marketing to Nigeria and the international market.

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Hurry now, GET YOUR FISH FARMING BUSINESS PLAN IN NIGERIA. To place an order, pay N10, to.


GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank) Account Name – Chudi-Oji Chukwuka Account No – After payment text your name, your e-mail address and payment details to and you’ll receive your FISH FARMING BUSINESS PLAN IN NIGERIA / FEASIBILITY STUDY.

Fish farming in Nigeria is a must for every entrepreneur who plans to tap from the inexhaustible wealth that farming has to offer. We have already established that starting a farming business is a. If you’ll like our experienced fish farmers to reveal to you the CURRENT market situation of the fish farming industry in Nigeria, by writing a fish farming business plan PDF for you, you can call us on (+).

Second most popular fish in Nigeria’s aquaculture industry, Tilapia is a fish species that lives in fresh shallow water. Tilapia is very easy to cultivate and very popular in Nigerian market, it reproduces very rapidly and grows fast too.


Fish Farming Feasibility Study Business Plan In Nigeria

Mackerel (Titus) – This is by far the most popular fish in Nigerian market but so sad it’s not farmed.

Fish pond business plan in nigeria nigerian
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