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The film reveals their fight against injustice and desire to prove themselves worthy of their country. The movie exposes many aspects of the civil war. He wanted to help them as he started supporting their cause.

But some like Fredrick Douglas felt that there was necessity of a black Glory film paper and as many fighting men were there the chances of winning would increase. The film is like a historical testimonial and is also very accurate in description.

The movie is not only of the blacks having their regiment, but brought about a change in the minds of the public towards the black. The men of the 54th Regiment although unskilled wanted to give their best to show the North what they can do and this eventually took their lives but they proved to be real heroes.

Many of them were themselves slave owners. As they were considered inferiors it took so much time for the black regiment to form. Therefore apart from the moral issue the economic issue was also the cause of the civil war. Racism which was existent in the North focused in the movie when the black soldiers meet the white and they called the black, niggers and ridiculed them.

The 54th infantry totally comprised of African-American men apart from the officers. Glory film paper regiment comprised of freed black men fighting for their country.

The film Glory shows that there was not much difference in attitude of the North and the South during the civil war towards the black, as they had towards slavery. From the very beginning he is very serious and strict in his move towards training the regiment and highlights the importance of alertness, momentum and endurance.

Article Written By Edumate Writer and blogger. From the beginning the commanding officer Shaw knowing that these African-American men may never be given a scope to see the fight.

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It showed the cruel realities that the soldiers who fought the war had to experience. It revealed the wild and barbaric way of man to man fight that was practiced during the civil war. Love to write and express vehemently. A in Journalism and Mass. But unlike other white officers Colonel Shaw wanted to train this African- American regiment to fight relentlessly in the civil war.

The 54th regiment was built to make the blacks fight for their own cause. Have been writing since childhood. A Last updated on 12K 0 Related Posts.

He therefore inspired them to fight a battle which would bring them admiration and glory. The Northern abolitionist wanted to liberate those who were kept enslaved but it is very evident in the movie that they were considered unequal in many ways.

Many were doubtful whether there was any need of such black regiment and also whether these men had capability enough to fight. The political leaders were therefore against the abolition of slavery as that would bring about the collapse of the socio-economic system.

These black men in the 54th Regiment wanted to prove their capabilities and the film therefore is a tribute to the real courage, valor, heroism and strong willpower of not just the soldiers but also men who supported their cause and also themselves believed in it.

Although the white commanding officer Colonel Shaw was biased at the beginning and did not treat them like humans but with the passage of time his views changed and he realized that they were in no way different.

The film also projects the fact the blacks were not allowed to get trained in military academies and they had white commanding officer to lead them.

The American film, Glory of is based on the true historical story, of the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, as seen through the eyes of the commanding officer Robert Gould Shaw a white officer during the American Civil War.

A in English, M. Racism has been focused in the film and the biased and discriminating attitude of the whites towards the black has been revealed vividly. The black soldiers had not only to fight the war but also deal with their prejudiced fellow white soldiers.

They felt that if the slave system was abolished and the freed men had to be paid at par with the white laborers then the economy would be much affected. The southern economy was based on cotton and slavery.Essays from BookRags provide great ideas for Glory (film) essays and paper topics like Essay.

View this student essay about Glory (film). The American drama war film, Glory () was based on the history and story of the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry as told by the commanding officer, Robert Gould Shaw during the American Civil War.

- Glory The film Glory is a classic Civil War film based on the history of the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Regiment. The film focuses on the courage displayed by the first black regiment in the Civil War, also known as the “Fighting Fifty-fourth.”. Movie Essay: Glory. Download.

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Movie Essay: Glory. Uploaded by. Moriah Gabrish. Glory puts that struggle on film for us to experience and everyone should experience it as well. READ PAPER. GET file. Jan 12,  · "Glory" tells the story of the 54th Regiment largely through the eyes of Shaw (Matthew Broderick), who in an early scene in the film is seen horrified and disoriented by the violence of the battlefield/5.

The Civil War in the Film Glory Essay; BGS The American Civil War in Literature and Film Fall Final Paper December 7, BGS The American Civil War Final Paper The American Civil War was a dark time in our nation’s history, but as with most events in history, there are both positive and negative aspects and conclusions to.

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