Human resources planning recruitment and selection reflection paper reflective paper

Some of the human resource management areas that will be impacted most by the current and future trends include recruitment process, human resource legislation, and benefits compensation.

Similarly, I was able to learn how human resource management employs EEO and affirmative action, and the planning, recruitment and selection process. Precisely, it involves what the company needs to survive and how it should be applied. In addition, they must also have the ability to understand and integrate their various cultural aspect.

Therefore, companies choose the highly qualified people for fill the positions advertised. They need to protect the safety and health of the workforce. Today, instances of discrimination have occurred in my organization based on disqualification of potential employees who the organization describes as being aged despite experience.

In future employee recruitment and selection should include the provision of safety and health measures manuals from federal, state and local government as well as those only specific to that company. I think that most of the employees and job seekers will consider the pay, benefits and the cost incurred to get the benefits as their main motivating factor.

They have discarded the old jobs boards and newspaper posts and switched to recruiting employees through the internet. Moreover, before the organization takes a step to evaluate the effectiveness of the training program, they should, first of all, measure its impact on the employees.

Most employees like being subjected to challenges in the course of their work. With human resource management therefore, this is an inherent part of the organizational management which deals with the workforce of an organization. There is always an argument that being an IT industry, only the young generation must apply for positions here.

Reflective Paper: Human Resources Management

Also, companies should use the current successful employees to help them identify the best candidates for their jobs. This is because; it is through the goals and objectives of the hr planning that the needs of the organization are aligned to establish which needs to be filled up.

Forming and having EEO policies in place avoids work place discrimination. It entails networking whereby individuals inform people they know to click on certain links and sign up. Since there may be instances where employees have issues disturbing them, joining labor unions with labor relations can serve best in presenting the employees complaints and demands.

Employee and labor relations Employees join any organization to contribute to its objective and goals, to make the company grow as they grow being part of it Lawson,p. This way, I believe an organization is bound to retain its employees and avoid losing them to competitors. Lastly, discrimination in the workplace is something that the current and the future generation should try and avoid since it damages the image of the company and enhances conflicts within an organization.

The job descriptions during recruitment should be followed to the letter even after the employees becomes a fulltime personnel. Society for Human Resource Management Human resource planning Before an organization hires any workers planning must be done in order to identify what the future requirements of the organization are, the types of workers needed, their recruitment and selection criteria, retention and needs supply among others.

It is important for them to use technology such as social media during the hiring process. The laws employed should ensure that the program runs smoothly by controlling the new development that may alter the benefits program.

In recent years accidents, occupational illnesses and injuries to employees have impacted companies and the U. As a human resource manager in the future, an effective benefits and compensation system I would recommend is one that identifies the labor relations laws as well as one which classifies workers in different work groups that are explained in detail and in simple language understandable to all.

In fact, human resource management should put in place programs or procedures to ensure that no form of discrimination occurs to a potential employee during job application, selection, interviews, and recruitment.

My opinion is that the hr planning, recruitment and selection is stronger of all the above hr aspects. In the work place today, the breakdown of this rules as are in important in ensuring that all details are provided as would be necessary for any particular situation an employee finds themselves in Radhawa,p.

On a further note, the HR planning process involves estimating capacity, researching and evaluating deployment of resources and identifying and handling human talent. Before an organization can start working on their strategic plan, they are required to use the following four steps.

They mainly involve in recruiting, interviewing and hiring new workers. This way, the company is subject to high level employees or experts implying that high productivity and increased performance.

Again, effective hr planning ensures that the job description is precise and accurate so as the recruitment and selection do not discriminate on qualified persons due to ambiguity or lack of clarity.

Therefore, every person willing to apply for jobs in Wal-Mart should use the online platform. The company that I work for utilizes mentoring and coaching, professional career development, online training, and onboarding. Discussion Globalization has grown tremendously with technology advances.

Also, the HR should accurately and strategically assess the role of training. Similarly, they are the social and moral obligation to eliminate any current impact of past discrimination practices.The areas of focus should be EEO and Affirmative Action, human resources planning, recruitment and retention, human resources development, employee compensation and benefits and labor relations.

The Human Resource Management (HRM) plays an important role in. BUS Human Resource Management School: Ashford University * BUS Reflection paper wk.

5. 9 pages. WK5_Paper Ashford University Human Resources Management Bus. Reflective Paper. 7 pages. WEEK 3 Written Assignments Ashford University Human Resource Management BUS - Spring HRM REFLECTIVE PAPER • EEO and affirmative action • Human resource planning, recruitment, and selection • Human resource development • Compensation and benefits • Safety and health • Employee and labor relations EEO and Affirmative Action The purpose of affirmative action is to ensure equal employment opportunity by requiring all federal contractors to take affirmative action to 97%(30).

Reflective Paper: Human Resources Management Thesis Statement Implementing and executing areas of human resource management entail Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Affirmative Action, Human Resource Planning, Recruitment, Selection, Human Resource Development, Compensation and Benefits, Safety and Health, and Employee Labor and Relations.

Reflective Paper on Human Resource Management. Admin; and the planning, recruitment and selection process. In this paper, I will provide a reflection on a brief description of how the various aspects of Human Resource Management can be applied together to perform the primary function of human resource management.

In the human resource planning process, facilitates the achievements of the organization’s and in addition, by understanding one’s situation in the market.

Reflective Paper on Human Resource Management

The selection in a company is very valuable, because there is people in the company you are around working with that needs your knowledge and personality. Topic: Reflection Paper.

Human resources planning recruitment and selection reflection paper reflective paper
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