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Looking at the first criteria, as things are beginning to look up for Nits, he Will get involved in more important projects at Solutions Unlimited.

This would save him time and effort to again look out for a new job, and again adjusting to a new work environment, 2 Nits leaves Solutions Unlimited: Nitish unlimited was appreciated by the MD as well as the clients.

Nitish should directly go and clear the point of conflict between him and Meena. He should ask the senior members to kindly Nitish unlimited projects to him formally so that he can contribute without any dilemma. More than one role was entrusted to a single employee. In case of the Korea insurance project, she told Nitish that his expertise were no longer required.

On his own initiative, he worked on customization of companies finance software. This is because there is no definite organizational structure in place. The only solution can be to directly confront Meena and ask her the problems she has with him and then pacifying the situation.

Most of his work have been applauded within the organizations but there is no definite project he was officially assigned. As he would be involved in more important projects, would need him to interact more with Mean or Mr. Evaluation of Options 1 Nits continues with Solutions Unlimited: Would impact Solutions Unlimited in either a positive way or a negative way.

Leaving or continuing with the job, both will affect personal life of Nits. Impact on personal life of Nits: Impact on professional life of Nits: Anyone who has a command over a particular subject can be asked to contribute in any number of projects without being officially assigned.

This incident reflects on Solutions Unlimited organizational behavior, If the top management people are so unprofessional, the organization must look into forming a team building module. The roles of the employees are not defined and there is no role clarity.

This direct confrontation will not only mend the employee to employee relations but also smoothen the future path where they will need to work in tandem with each other. Two days later,he was told by Meena that his expertise was no longer necessary for this project. Not able to solve interpersonal conflicts.Nitish @ Solutions Unlimited Submitted By: Nalini Bansal 13PGDMHR27 Executive Summary Nitish, a young MBA graduate has recently taken up the position of Senior Consultant 2 at Solutions limited, which wants to realign its image to a management consultancy, and wants to capitalise on Nitish’s competence in this particular area.

Nits should realize the problem is of his own making.

Nitish Unlimited Solutions Paper

He could have remained calm and explain his situation rather than taking out a calculator and throwing numerical figures, Mean should also understand that without looking at Nitwit’s qualifications, she offered him a job for which he was overqualified.

This proves that Solutions Unlimited don’t [ ].

[email protected] SolutionsUnlimited Tech and mint-body.comound Nitish a B. He had offer from HCL with double the salary which he refused as he w.

Nitish, a young professional having dual degree of MBA in finance and MTech in computer science, has recently relocated from Jamshedpur to Hyderabad and taken up the position of Senior Consultant-2 at Solutions Unlimited, a US based multinational Information Technology (IT) consultancy firm, which has decided to realign itself as a.

Nitish, a new recruit in Solutions Unlimited is facing difficulties in handling the interpersonal conflicts arising out of lack of well defined processes and the existing structural imperfections within the company.

Nitish joined Solutions Unlimited on recommendation of his friend Arvind - Nitish: Solutions Unlimited introduction. He had a topsy-turvy journey in Solutions Unlimited with his compensation package being revised and severance pay first denied and then going through lots of negotiation.

Nitish: Solutions Unlimited Essay

Also his role in the projects was not fixed. Also Nitish .

Nitish unlimited
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