S 500 l 4matic business plan

There are also various predefined hand motions. More than that, apart from the all-classical controls — the typing of some destinations on the touchpad or the voice command — which is also available for the Mercedes-Benz, the BMW additionally offers the touch display and gesture control.

The new-generation S-Class got the comfort standards so sky-high, while the rivals stayed far behind. Apart from the former generation, which featured an airmatic suspension only for the rear axle, BMW is now offering adaptive airmatic suspension for all the wheels, with variable road clearance.

But the BMW brings a longer standard equipment list, which includes the Head-up display, 4-zone climate control and inch wheels. BMW does not sport the thigh support in the rear seating area, but the leg rest is more practical, wider and seems more robust, coming out of the backrest.

Probably, it is unlikely that many S-Class owners would ever press the Sport mode. And then, the Executive Drive Pro system present in the test car 2, euros includes, besides the active stabilizer bars now electromechanically operated and not mechanically controlled like in the past, known from the former Adaptive Drive Packagean intelligent suspension, that automatically adjusts itself according to the bumps that the front stereo camera detects.

If Mercedes-Benz is building the best seats, BMW made the most ergonomical, sophisticated and ultimate infotainment system. The comfort amenities went on with the Warmth Comfort Package Naturally, the heated seats features standard both at the front and at the rearthe ventilation and the massage ones optional are already integrated in the luxury arsenal of this segment.

Exclusive: first comparison test Mercedes-Benz S 500 4Matic vs BMW 750 Li xDrive

InMercedes-Benz redefined luxury for the rear passengers, introducing the Executive seats and the Chauffeur Package for the long wheelbase versions. Mercedes-Benz paid more attention to sound insulation, even taking the chance of a few extra pounds to get a perfect noise reduction. The massage, ventilation and heating functions are present, as well as the Heat Comfort Package, similar to that of the S-Class.

The extra comfort in the seats, the extra comfort in the suspension and last, but not least, a lower noise level in the S-Class. What is the definition of luxury? The BMW comes out of corners at higher speed and has better road-holding reserves than the Mercedes-Benz, whose tyres start squeaking, while the BMW does not give any hints on reaching its limit.

All these gadgets can magnetize the young generation, especially because the BMW is full of those. But, in Munich, the Bavarian rivals from BMW shall by no means give in, as the all-new 7 Series comes with tech innovations that we were expecting to find in automobiles in years from now, but not just yet.

But with all these systems onboard, the 7 Series did not prove to be more comfortable than the S-Class for the first test. On the one hand, the seats are as massive as armchairs in a luxury lounge and on the other hand, the dynamic feature allows the outer extremities of the driver seat to tighten, but also the bolstering of the side surface the driver is leaning against during cornering.

The Bavarian even came up with an innovation for the massage in the rear seating area. Verdict BMW stays a drivers car by excellence and, with its the optional dynamic systems, it sets new dynamics standards in the luxury segment.

The new integral active steering — integral traction combo, impossible to fit in the former generation, significantly improved the traction and the road-holding in rapid cornering. Dynamics-wise though, the BMW still stands as a benchmark, especially if the optional dynamic systems are ordered.

Those taking a seat mostly in the rear will go for the Mercedes-Benz, but those who desire more driving pleasure, dynamics and love the modern gadgets, will certainly select the BMW.

Käytetyt Mercedes-Benz vaihtoautot

Apart from that, certain smartphone models can be recharged via wireless connection, if they are placed in a cradle in the armrest.Examples of the direct competition of Mercedes-Benz S 4MATIC Lang in (all performance data from ProfessCars™ simulation, top speed theor.

without speed governor) The same class cars with similar kind of fuel, power and type of transmission. Save $19, on a Mercedes-Benz S-Class S 4MATIC. Search over 5, listings to find the best local deals. CarGurus analyzes over 6 million cars daily. Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse S L 4Matic 7G-TRONIC () from for €€ ,.

All-in fixed price - Full maintenance history - 6 months warranty Business Lease. Sep 17,  · Mercedes S 4Matic (W) PS Technical Data Sheet: specifications & performance figures (max speed, acceleration, recovery, braking, lap time) to /5. MERCEDES S-CLASS S We advise you to change it in order to receive your notifications but also recover your password if needed.

Mercedes-Benz GLA CDI 4MATIC A BUSINESS AMG. 49 Mercedes-Benz S L 4MATIC.

S 500 l 4matic business plan
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