Student affairs duke how to write a resume

Remember that a CV is not an exercise in documenting how great you are: Thus, the clearer and more comprehensive you make your CV, the easier it is for the staff writer to accurately and comprehensively convey your history and accomplishments in your MSPE.

I am choosing this specialty because… I want to enter this particular residency program because… I would be the best match for this specialty in this program because… My career goals include… 4.

Some nuts and bolts writing tips: Write a Rough Draft: This document must be absolutely letter-perfect. A personal statement is not a CV or a resume, nor is it a regurgitation of either of those documents: But for each of you it requires serious consideration of what you want to do in your medical career a decision you likely have already madewhy you want to do it and what makes you the best candidate for the position.

Disavow yourself of the notion that you are going to ever again have a one-page resume. Be open to suggestions and constructive criticism. Why do you want this particular program? Times New Roman is a standard for many reasons, not least in that it allows for more text on each page.

That means making time well ahead of the application process read that again to put pen to paper and get your personal statement started. Make every word tell. Click here to see some sample personal statements.

Then have someone else do the same thing. Simply start your draft by finishing these sentences: They want to learn, from your own words, what your goals are, how you see yourself fitting into their environment, what you will add to their program, and what you hope to get out of being a resident there.

For some people, it may be easy; for others, not so much.

Some will read it very closely, some will not. There are better ways to write about yourself. Here are some tips to guide you: Check every word for spelling, check your grammar, check your punctuation.


The better you prepare your CV now, the easier it will be to update it in the future. If it sticks in your mind, it obviously means something to you so explain that, but briefly.Threats of physical violence have absolutely no place in the Stanford community.

As we have discussed many times within our campus community, the mission of a university depends on the open exchange of ideas and the sharing of divergent viewpoints, including on controversial issues.

CV and Personal Statement

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Career and Talent Development

A resume is a clear and concise professional document written to provide a brief snapshot of your most relevant accomplishments, qualities, and interests.

Expect to adapt each resume to the perspective of your anticipated reader and accompany it with a cover letter. © Duke Student Affairs. All. Creating a Cover Letter In today's highly competitive job market, a creative, thoughtfully composed, well-written cover letter can make a significant impact on hiring manager to move your resume from the tottering stack of many to the well-balanced stack of a few.

My Duke Resources. MyDuke is your secure gateway to the University's online services. Log in for Food/Flex balances, library and other Duke account information. Welcome to Career and Talent Development At the Career and Talent Development Department, our priority is you!

We offer help in choosing a major, resume writing and critiques, practice interviews, career transition and assessments, The Division of Student Affairs Office of the Vice President.

Student affairs duke how to write a resume
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