Taxation and price control on the economy essay

Once the equilibrium tax has already increased, it creates enough pressure for the equilibrium quantity to decrease since consumers are now discouraged to buy expensive products due to budget constraints, cet. There will be a negative effect on the quantity consumed, and thus employment in the industry, but the employment effects will be less harmful than if the product taxed was elastic.

Congress thought that the demand for yachts was relatively inelastic, but it proved to be more elastic than originally thought. This shortage of supply of corn in the market would then put enough market pressure for the demand of corn consumers to rise robustly in the market thereby giving corn distributors enough reason to significantly raise the prices of their corn on their warehouses.

Effects of Taxation on Economy - Essay Example

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Employment in the boating industry fell significantly and the tax produced minimal revenue for government…. Meaning, producers of inelastic goods can exploit the fact that consumers will still buy their product at any cost or price level.

Government officials should consider taxing products for which the price elasticity of demand is inelastic.

Price Elasticity of Demand. The resulting equilibrium price in the market already includes the original price level plus the tax from the government. Since footwear are considered to be an elastic good, then the natural response of footwear consumers in the market after Nike pass the tax that they receive from the government is to find other footwear brand that is relatively cheaper than Nike.

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Producers of elastic goods in the market are forced to cut down their production level once the government increased its tax rate in order to maintain their profitability and protect their interests. Conclusion Tax, therefore, provides an avenue towards the government to control the supply and demand in its economy for the benefit of the majority.

Products such as restaurant meals are considered to be elastic goods, and by the time its prices increase due to uplifting of government tax rate it is already the tendency of restaurant owners is to minimize the number of their meals or servings in order to cut their production costs since they cannot increase their prices for the reason that it will only trigger the deterioration of consumer demand on their products.

In other words the effect of tax on supply and demand of an economy depends on the type of product involved whether it is an elastic or inelastic type of good.

The Effects Of Taxation And Price Controls On The Economy

On the other hand, the producers of inelastic goods such as cigarette, liquor and electricity have the privilege to pass either the entire tax or a portion of the tax that they receive from the government through increasing the prices of their product since quantity demanded of these types of goods does not change much with price change.

When a product has an inelastic demand, an increase in taxes will increase total spending on the product and hence the revenue collected by government.

The effect of taxation and price controls on the economy range from the curtailment of the supply of goods to an increase in costs.

Sin tax does not only discourage the production of socially unacceptable goods, such as cigarettes and liquors, it also generates more funds to the government and protects the interest of consumers in the market.

Only on severe instances when the government will implement price ceiling such as mentioned above since it provides high dead weight loss in the market as a whole.

Impacts of Tax on Demand and Supply Since tax is being levied directly from the government to the producers, tax can therefore affect the operational costs of producers in the market.And Government Intervention With Free Market Equilibrium Price And The More Suitable Model For The Sudan The Effects Of Taxation And Price Controls On The Economy How Labor Market Equilibrium Is Affected By The Supply And Demand Of Labor FOREIGN TRADE POLICY AND THE IMPACT ON AGGREGATE EXPENDITURES AND EQUILIBRIUM Hardy-weinburg Equilibrium The.

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Write a to 1,word paper in APA format describing the effects of taxation and price controls on the economy. o Is the tax levied on the producers or consumers.

Jul 01,  · price control and taxation on milk According to Chris Edwards (), the milk market has been affected by government-imposed price controls since the s, with the implementation of "marketing order" regulations.

Taxation and Price Control on the Economy Essay Sample

Price control can play two different roles, a price ceiling or a price floor. A price ceiling is the maximum price that can be charged in the market for a certain good, causing shortages, and a price floor is the minimum price that can be charged in the market, which then causes surpluses.

The effects of taxation and price control on the economy range from thecurtailment of the supply of goods to the increase of costs. When there is a tax impose ongoods like tobacco or cigarette as described in the two articles, there is an increase in t.

The Effects of Taxation and Price Controls on the Economy

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Taxation and price control on the economy essay
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