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Many wealthy Americans openly flaunted their wealth by assuming lifestyles that both emulated and rivaled those of the European aristocracy Craven,p. When citing an online source, it is important to include all necessary dates.

Another educator, Horace Mann, instituted several important reforms in the American public school system Howe,p. Apart from the Transcendentalists, there emerged during this period great imaginative writers— Nathaniel HawthorneHerman Melvilleand Walt Whitman —whose novels and poetry left a permanent imprint on American literature.

Women, the poor and minorities, on the other hand, had no other choice but to resign themselves to their The american renaissance essay state. Despite their usage of classical styles such as Romanticism and Gothicism, the writers of the aforementioned era Ralph Waldo Emerson, Edgar Allan Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Henry David Thoreau, Walt Whitman, Herman Melville succeeded in producing original works that were eventually regarded as the foundations of American literature Michaels and Pease,p.

The Decline of White Racial Consciousness Up until just a few decades ago whites had a racial consciousness that was just as strong as that of other groups.

His Puritan upbringing was also evident in the way he portrayed sinners in a strictly moral community. Only white men from well-off families were allowed to pursue an education, own property and or vote.

American Renaissance

Individualism requires a person to govern his thoughts and actions based on his personal standards rather than the dictates of society. The latter was a form of Christian humanism — it sought to realize the potential divinity in human nature.

The works that fell under this style deviated from the restraints associated with established writing and philosophical disciplines, as well as criticism of prevailing norms and standards. The Transcendentalists contributed to the founding of a new national culture based on native elements.

Short fiction of the American Renaissance encompassed a broad range of subjects, settings, and styles—including Gothic romance, detective and horror stories, sea tales, historical fiction of colonial America, and progressive social problem tales, among others—all of which contributed to the first generation of great American literature.

They rebelled against restraints imposed by classic dogmas and traditions. Contemporary with these writers but outside the New England circle was the Southern genius Edgar Allan Poewho later in the century had a strong impact on European literature.

The American Renaissance: An American Style of Writing

In his exploration of human nature, Hawthorne questioned moral issues. The American Style of Writing: It is revealed in Chapter V that although Hester was free to leave Boston and start a new life elsewhere, she opted not to Hawthorne,p.

Society and literary cultures were full of clashing moralities and ambiguousness that literary responses became expected and natural. The independence of their country left the Founding Fathers with the task of creating a political identity that was different from that of Great Britain.

Critics regard some of the short fiction produced during the American Renaissance as some of the best American fiction ever written.In America, the American Renaissance was the period in in which United States literature came of age as an expression of a national spirit.

American Renaissance Critical Essays

Literature became one of the most historically significant effects that occurred throughout the time period of the American Renaissance. The American. American Renaissance News and commentary on interracial crime, race differences, white advocacy, The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life, The Free Press, This Thomas Jackson essay from explaining the fatal double standards of current racial thinking has become a classic.

The American Renaissance was a period of American architecture and the arts from toRichard Guy Wilson, "The great civilization", forward essay to The American Renaissance – Exhibition catalogue, The.

American Renaissance: American Renaissance, period from the s roughly until the end of the American Civil War in which American literature, in the wake of the Romantic movement, came of age as an expression of a national spirit. The literary scene of the period was dominated by a group of New England writers, the.

Free Essay: The American Renaissance period, circaheralded a new sense of nationalism with a pride linking to a spirit akin to Greek democracy.

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The American Renaissance: An American Style of Writing The American Renaissance, a period which spanned from the s to the end of the Civil War, is widely acknowledged as the establishment of America’s literary history.

The american renaissance essay
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