The ugly duckling book report

He looks into the water. The sun shines warmly on an old house near a river. He is shocked when the swans welcome and accept him, only to realize by looking at his reflection in the water that he has grown into one of them.

The next day mother duck takes all her little ducks to the river. I wanted to be a strong role model for my family and other African Americans.

At last it breaks open, "Tchick, tchick! Anthropomorphic NA A story about an egg that hatched into a rather ugly duckling. In a sunny spot stood a pleasant old farm-house close by a deep river, and from the house down to the water side grew great burdock leaves, so high, that under the tallest of them a little child could stand upright.

Since he was a boy his father told him many stories and helped him build a puppet theater. He is my own child, and he is not so very ugly after all if you look at him properly.

This one is the biggest egg of all. He wants to die. The poor duckling is so unhappy there. He was humiliated in many ways and abused which ended up with him not trusting himself.

He turned away his head to hide it under his wing, and at the same moment a large terrible dog passed quite near him. They are the image of their father, who is so unkind, he never comes to see.

The Ugly Duckling

It looks big and strong. The storm continued so violent, that the duckling could go no farther; he sat down by the cottage, and then he noticed that the door was not quite closed in consequence of one of the hinges having given way.

He finds a home with an old woman. There is an obvious link between the people relations and this story. How they terrified the poor duckling!

When spring arrives, a flock of swans descends on the lake. She was caring and loving towards him and always defended him. It was, indeed, delightful to walk about in the country. A woman, a tom cat, and a hen lived in this cottage.

He wanders sadly from the barnyard and lives with wild ducks and geese until hunters slaughter the flocks.The ugly duckling swims better than all the other ducklings. - Quack, quack! Come with me to the farm yard! - says mother duck to her baby ducks and they all follow her there.

The farm yard is very noisy. The poor duckling is so unhappy there. The hens peck him, the rooster flies at him, the ducks bite him, the farmer kicks him. We've probably all heard the story of the ugly misfit duckling who has trouble finding out where he belongs.

The little bird endures teasing and taunting until the. The Ugly Duckling is one of the most famous fairy tales of Danish Hans Christian Andersen (). I am still to read the whole collection but I got a copy of this book as I try to buy a few children's books every payday for our outreach program for child literacy on May 25, to be held at the Museo Pambata/5.

The Ugly Duckling.

The ugly duckling

All except one. This one is the biggest egg of all. Mother duck sits and sits on the big egg. At last it breaks open, Tchick, tchick.

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0 Comment Report abuse out of 5 stars Definitely a good book that The Ugly Duckling use to be my favorite of the fairy tales. A strange looking "duckling" hatches .

The ugly duckling book report
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