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Automatic Weeding Lines If you have the Business Edition upgradeit is one of the many features that is unlocked in the Silhouette Studio software upgrade. If I change the weeding lines to Vertical, the blue lines generate on the only clear vertical paths on my design and that is around the outer edge.

Automatic weeding lines can only generate on the design mat if there are clear paths going left to right horizontally or up and down vertically. This is the weeding box we are going to work with. Next, we need to bring our design to the front of all the layers.

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But, this definitely breaks up the weeding into smaller pieces that are easier to handle, especially if you are using Oracal as it loves to stick to itself. By choosing Compound Path, you are making all those lines one object. First, what is weeding?

You will find it on the bottom right side of the Silhouette Week5 written final silhouette inc visual V4 software either along the icon menu or on a smaller computer screen it is under the arrow pop out as you see in my photo below.

In the Y Offset type 1. Select all of the weeding lines including the outer square and every horizontal line we have created, but do not select your design. The final option is the Recursive option.

As you can see, the lines created intersect some areas of the design that would create small pieces to weed. Keep in mind, 1.

Select the design itself not the linesright click and choose Bring to Front. Since I was using an svg file, I can now move the original svg away and I will be left with my image and the weeding lines.


If you were to cut this now, you would have to be very careful when weeding the vinyl around the design so that it did not stick back to itself. There are no clear paths running from top to bottom in the design, so the software cannot place a weeding line there.

Now, what are weeding lines in Silhouette Studio?

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Then click on Replicate and the line will replicate 5 times down your design mat with a spacing of 1. This post may contain affiliate links.

This will add weeding lines around any open path in your design. These are the weeding lines. If you are used to creating your own weeding lines, then you may scratch your head when you first use this feature. This large decal was so much easier to weed with the weeding lines cut out than if I had not placed them and was removing the larger section of Oracal I hope you have fun playing with the weeding lines, whether you are using the Automatic feature in the Silhouette Studio Business Edition or creating your own, they can definitely make weeding large designs a lot easier.

I only used horizontal weeding lines and that worked great for this image, but you can create as few or as many weeding lines as you want and each design will vary on what works the best.

These are lines that you can either turn on requires the Silhouette Studio Business Edition upgrade or create yourself to make the weeding process easier. Silhouette Studio Weeding Lines Tutorial:Silhouette always tries its utmost to protect these rights and to exploit them in accordance with the law.

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Week5 written final silhouette inc visual
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