Who is happiest the citizens of

Work is obviously necessary to life, but the happiest people I know regularly plan and do things just for fun and fulfillment. Another friend dedicated time and resources to follow her favorite musical artist on tour for a few months this year, and another transports rescued dogs to their new homes.

They Believe in Something. Their work likely involves personal strengths and interests, a good indicator of what works for the happiest people.

Keep clicking to learn which countries came out on top in the results Fun and joy are the bottom line in each of these activities, and the happiness is following. Happy people like to hang with happy people, and they can make each other even happier. They can avoid loneliness and isolation, and have opportunities for connection and service on a regular basis.

Netherlands TIE Though Dutch people complain about air pollution, they have little trouble finding work or balancing their jobs with their personal lives.

Top 10 Secrets of the Happiest People

The UK just makes it onto the top 15 list. Austria TIE Seventy-three percent of Austrians are satisfied with their lives despite high levels of air pollution and schools that are less than stellar.

Honest people benefit from the happiness that comes from being real no matter what, and happier, stronger relationships based on trust and open communication — a way better approach than a string of shady stories. Strong social ties are key to good feelings, but a truly happy person can be comfortable on her own, too.

New Zealand TIE Kiwis live in a land with little air pollution, and they feel a strong bond with one another - and with their local governments. Switzerland TIE The Swiss rank 1 in health, enjoying an average life expectancy almost three years above the norm.

Maybe the lower-than-average crime rate explains why Austrians feel so good. Maybe things are better now.

Israel TIE Israelis tend to be mistrustful of their government, but a longer-than-average life expectancy and decent household incomes give them reason to smile. Adults tend to spend a lot of time working. One of my friends recently carved out time to ride horses again.

But I really love talking to people who are happy with their careers. The happiest people often have meaning in their lives from a larger purpose than the daily grind. Because, check it out: The Netherlands ties for fourth place, with more than 90 percent of its citizens saying life is good.

Talk about delicious Danish!

Top 15 happiest nations: Who's #1?

Top 10 Secrets of the Happiest People. Lack of sleep can disturb moods, sex drive, memoryweight, and cardiac and vascular conditions, among other things that are intrinsic to health and basic happiness. Happiness is meant to be shared, but sometimes the happiest people are too busy living to tell the rest of the world how they got there.

Ireland ties for 10th with Austria. Then, during a very dark time, I agreed to try a daily gratitude list as a way to dig out of it, and it worked. They Have Good, Healthy Relationships.

Australia TIE In the land down under, citizens smile - and no wonder. Retrieved on September 28,from https: At least it is if you believe a new report from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. Sleep is a non-negotiable human need that too many humans try to negotiate.

The happiest people have people in their lives — partners, children, friends, colleagues, and extended family — who consistently provide mutual support, companionship, and social activities.

An organization, a faith, or a belief system can provide a support system for a person in stressful times, a daily structure for living, and a broader idea of the purpose of life and her place in it. They make time for hobbies and vocations on their own or with family and friends, and take the time to nurture relationships away from professional obligations and chores.

I was too unhappy to make my way to grateful. The Irish enjoy their strong social connections, and even though many complain about having trouble finding work, they remain upbeat. For one thing, Brits enjoy a strong sense of community - 95 percent feel they can rely on someone else in a time of need.

They Make Time for Fun. But maybe it helps.To see which states combine all the necessary components of happiness, check out WalletHub’s report on the Happiest States in America. 1 Main Findings 2 Ask the Experts.

Huge income disparity creating a fued among the citizens. Career diversity does not recognize not Sioux Falls. Its all medical. The low divorce rate is due to locals not. Jan 09,  · The Gallup organization did a recent survey seeking to determine which country had the happiest people by going out to countries and asking thousands of people questions such as.

March 20 is International Happiness Day, which means everyone will be talking about who the happiest people in the world are. Most will say citizens of Denmark or Switzerland are the happiest because of the famous World Happiness Report that the United Nations releases.

Others, perhaps citing Gallup. The happiest people in the world live in Switzerland, a new study found. The third World Happiness Report, released by the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Solutions Network on Thursday, ranked. Visit the Top 10 Happiest Countries in the World. “The people are friendly, they are likely to give good customer service, and from my .

Who is happiest the citizens of
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