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Community mediation centres are viewed as part of the cultural service today. There are also pathetic and disturbing instances when these unhappy souls get into the mood of self-harming.

Offenders are tested for drugs regularly and psychological help and guidance is rendered as part of the rehabilitation process. Still it cannot be denied that amongst some of the offenders reoffending is steadily increasing.

The most important point here is the welfare of the child and delinking him from later life offences. In this direction, apologising and compensating the victims of the offence has created certain goodwill in the community.

Under Final Warning Scheme, 10 - 17 year olds are given final warnings, instead of repeat cautioning. Round the clock specialist support, permission and encouragement to continue contact with family and friends are provided through National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders.

Now children and adults are treated differently and juveniles have their own courts to try their offences. Crime and Disorder Act,provides many more tools of justice and welfare to young offenders and to the community. Do you consider Young offenders in custody essay a the government aim to reduce youth offending is being achieved.

What the offender of tender age needs is understanding, sympathy and sensitivity from all quarters. Great support, understanding and empathy should be shown by the community.

It is not possible to guide the child through a third person, that is, at the moment, is the Government. This mainly applies to the family of the juvenile offender that would be marred for generations for no particular fault of theirs. There is a responsible adult other than the police member present, such as a parent, youth worker, guardian or lawyer This is important because police must ensure there is a responsible adult present any time a person under 18 years old is questioned.

Government has been continuously working in reducing the crime of juveniles and their rehabilitation with single-minded determination. Perhaps the offenders should be treated with a little more discipline, without making the place so desirable, that an offender would nostalgically return there again and again!

The Youth Justice Board has funded many programmes that are designed and conducted to prevent juvenile offending. If media takes up a vengeful attitude targeting the offenders without restrain, it would not take very long for the offender to turn into a bigger criminal.

High number of bail conditions being placed on juveniles than adults and juveniles being more robustly monitored by police while on bail Lack of appropriate accommodation options due to homeless individuals Case: They also achieve in making friends with likeminded counterparts.

Another agency that could be enormously helpful in juvenile justice is media. Much is expected out of professional treatment and effective counselling with positive and supportive atmosphere. Offence by teenagers is much higher than it was estimated. Youngsters who have pleaded guilty and those who are first-time offenders could be referred to a youth offender panel, which would concentrate on reforming the youth.

Separate facilities are created for female offenders, as they always stand in need of protection from their male counterparts. Hence, the duty lies with friends, schools and family and if they provide adequate support to the offender, it would not be very long before he starts responding.

The Youth Court that started operating in Octoberstarted issuing custodial sentences had been a resounding success. InJuly, Home Secretary unveiled new measures according to which, offenders between 10 and 11, who are too young to be imprisoned, would be remanded instead in high supervision foster placements.

Sometimes, they have to think about the other children.

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The recently introduced counselling and interviewing had been of immense help in establishing and understanding the background of the offender, and with psychological help, in most of the cases, the possible motive, reason or excuse too could be found out. Frequent assessment of all the connected agencies have kept them as efficient as possible.

There are instances, when a juvenile offender became singularly dangerous. About this resource This Law essay was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. In JuneChild Safety Order came into being to place a criminal minded child lesser than ten under the supervision of a social worker.

One of the reports regretfully points out that juveniles are so thoroughly spoilt that instead of improving, they are becoming downright offensive. Disengaged youngsters get into criminal life easily and the new justice and reforms are encouraging youngsters either to pursue their education further, or get themselves employed for the personal good and for the good of the community at large.

They try to work on the principle of elimination of bad company, one of the many factors that take a child into criminal life. Truancy Powers are used by the Police to track down offending youngsters with the help of school or local authority.Law Essay - Government and the society always hope that these young offenders would grow out of their crimes eventually.

But this may not be the case under all circumstances. Looking At The Youth Justice System In England Criminology Essay. Print However the Criminal Justice Act completely abolished the borstal system and introduced Youth Custody centres The Children & Young Persons Act began to look at ways of introducing more welfare in the way that young offenders were dealt with.

This act. The first Young Offenders Act was introduced inand changed the judicial system radically for young people. Essays Related to Young Offenders Essay. 1. this model provides with many alternatives to custody and offers to imprison only the most serious of offenders.

Specialised centres for the detention of young people were set /5(10). of time spent by young offenders in a remand facility is the major influence in Furthermore.

Being a closed court. While this can mean that rehabilitation is deemed as a paramount punishment as evident in R v. and on average. but send them to court to allow the judge to sentence the young offender. This essay has been submitted by a law student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Criminal justice. Programs to rehabilitate young offenders.

Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Chapter two will explore the programs in place for young people in custody geared towards their rehabilitation. If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please click on the link.

Young offenders in custody essay
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